St. Marys, Ontario, Canada

It has been a pleasure to start teaching classical guitar in St. Marys, Ontario. Many thanks to the community for its support of classical guitar music, fingerstyle guitar playing, and flamenco guitar as well . If we haven’t met yet, it is only a matter of time until we do in lovely downtown, or near the Little Falls, or at a game on a Friday night.

A Personal Reflection on Giving Back

It has been especially gratifying being able to give back to The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada and London, Ontario. I hope that others will enjoy the event. Moving to London was the start of a long journey for my family. The globe truly has been our home, but London, Ontario remains a place that is special to my family. Many thanks to Call the Office and to Tony Lima in particular for helping make it possible for Deadbeat Poets and Blue Ash to bring their joy to so many people. I look forward to more Brains and Hearts events in the future. If you have any ideas, please let me know. The Brain Tumour Foundation has helped other families that I know as well as my own. The work that The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada does for so many individuals and families in very difficult circumstances has been crucial to my family. As much I hope that nobody else will go through what my family has gone through, I do want as many people as possible to know that The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is there for all Canadians.

Warm Up!

It’s time to warm up. No, this link is not about baseball, but it is about warming up before starting into other parts of a successful practice session. It is a useful reference for making practice much more effective.

Guitar Courses

Guitar courses this summer have been most successful for students in terms of reaching the goals students set for themselves. The upcoming year will, I hope, be a success for all those who worked so hard over the summer.