Tal Farlow

A student of mine once asked me who I would like to play electric guitar like if I could chose one person. I had a hard time choosing somebody as I usually think about classical guitarists and fingerstyle guitarists. As tempted as I was to say “Oh, Tal Farlow, of course,” I actually answered with the name, “Joe Pass,” in hope that I would make a point of promoting fingerstyle playing. I may or may not have been successful in promoting fingerstyle playing. However that answer sounded then I really do not know. Now, I must admit that I might answer the question differently at this point in my life. The tone that Tal Farlow gets from an electric guitar is more and more on my mind these days as I see electric guitars becoming less popular than they once were, though sales of acoustic guitars remain steady. I really hope that more people take an interest in instrumental music. And, maybe just maybe, somebody will take an interest in Tal Farlow.