Summer Courses

Summer courses have been most successful for students in terms of reaching the goals students set for themselves. It is always a pleasure to witness students reaching their goals of being accepted into the programs they ranked first in their areas of study. A summer spent assisting new students pass rigorous standardized examinations so that they, too, can enter programs they will benefit from is a summer to remember.

Two individuals who helped the teachers at Globe Educational Services become professional educators able to help students from diverse backgrounds have written a book that will help not only pre-service teachers but also teachers at any point in their careers who are attempting innovation in a specific context for the benefit of students . Anybody interested in bottom-up approaches to teaching innovation would, we believe, be interested in the book and the interview.  To try to encourage readers to listen to the interview, we will let you discover the name of the book on your own should you not already know the book. Having had to innovate this summer led us to revisit the work discussed in the interview.